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The First Midwest Financial Balance Workshop Series offers timely and insightful information. Covering a wide selection of important financial topics, the workshops are designed to create an interactive environment that provides you with the opportunity to learn about and get involved in the financial aspects of your life. Browse all the topics below to find workshops that you find interesting, and sign up with your First Midwest Banker for as many as you'd like – and bring a friend or two, because all of our workshops are designed to share the important financial knowledge everyone needs to take control of their financial future. And they're free.

Online Workshops

First Midwest Financial Balance Workshop Series

Rethinking College Finances

From savings to scholarships, paying for college is an involved process. To learn more about planning for college finances and how First Midwest Bank can help, view our " Rethinking College Finances " online workshop.

Find Financial Freedom

Budgeting doesn't just help you stay on top of expenses. It's the first step toward liberating your money and achieving your financial goals. To learn more about all of the tools First Midwest Bank has available, view our " Find Financial Freedom With a Budget " online workshop.

Branch Workshops

First Midwest Financial Balance Workshop Series

Bank On It

Provides an overview of banking services, the 5 reasons to use a bank, and helps to build trust with financial institutions.

Money Matters

Understand where your money grows, prepare a budget, maintin a spending diary, and rescue all of your hidden savings opportunities.

Borrowing Basics

Explains how credit works, the types of credit available, and helps to determine if you're ready to enter the "world of credit".

Pay Yourself First

Illustrates the importance of saving, identifies savings options, helps establish savings goals, and introduces the concepts of compounding and budgeting.

Charge It Right

Explores credit cards and how to use them properly, helps determine which card might be right for you, and what to do if a card is lost or stolen.

Reverse Mortgage

Debunks the myths surrounding reverse mortgages, explains the potential benefits of leveraging your home, who qualifies, and how the proceeds can be used.

Check It Out

Identifies the benefits of a checking account and explains how to reconcile a checkbook register with a bank statement.

Securing Your Identity

Explains Identity Theft, how to guard against it, and what to do if your identity is compromised.

Keep It Safe

Learn how to protect your finances and identity, learn about laws and regulations that protect depositors when applying for loans, and become financially prepared for disasters.

To Your Credit

Outlines the purpose of a consumer credit report, how to order and read the report, and how to build and/or repair your credit history.

Loan To Own

Provides general information on installment loans including auto and home equity loans, identifies the potential disadvantages of rent-to-own services, gives you tips for purchasing a car, and explains the pros and cons of borrowing against your home.

Your Own Home

Identifies the steps involved in owning your own home and the benefits and pitfalls of renting versus owning, determines readiness for home ownership, and provides a basic understanding of home mortgage loans.

Smart Tips & Your Financial Well-Being

Helps you understand your complete financial position and how First Midwest Bank can help all of your hard work pay off. Includes simple and practical money management tools to further enhance your ability to evaluate your own financial well-being so you can make the smartest decisions for you and your family.

For more information regarding our Financial Balance Workshop Series, or to get connected with a First Midwest Banker who can host a workshop for you, please send us an that includes your contact information and the names of the workshop(s) that you are interested in.


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