– Get Rewards – Activate Credit Card – If you’re a frequent shopper at Sears, you’ve probably got a Sears Card. But you might not know how easy it is to activate your card online. An card may turn out to be a prized possession for you. It comes with several perks, including car rentals and roadside assistance.

What is Sears MasterCard?

Sears has been around for more than a century, and its business has expanded to include over 500 brick-and-mortar stores, as well as the retail website The Sears MasterCard can be used at any of these locations or websites. is a store credit card issued by Citi Retail Services.

The can be used at all Sears locations and to make almost every purchase from groceries to clothes to even your bills. But you don’t always have to shop at Sears stores or to get a credit card that saves you money. You can also use a regular credit card to save money on your purchases. Sears MasterCard is the store credit card, which can be used to save money on almost every purchase at Sears stores or

How to Activate Your Sears MasterCard Online

While you can activate your card in-store or over the phone, it’s actually much easier to do it online. And if you want, you can have your card delivered to you via emailemail instead of the mail. Follow these simple steps:

Step 1.:Log into your personal bank account or create a new one if you don’t already have one set up.

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Step 2: Select “Payment” from your list of options on the left side of the page.

Step 3: Find your Sears MasterCard under the credit cards section and click “Manage.” You should see a box pop up with your current account information and for any other cards you’re holding (you may only be allowed one). If this is not the case, select “Add Another Card” underneath that box.

Step 4: Select the button that says “Activate Card.”

Step 5: Fill in your name, email address, zip code, and security code on the form. You may have to answer a few questions for extra security to verify you are you.

Step 6: Enter any promotional codes or discounts you have available with your Sears MasterCard in the box provided.

Step 7: Select “Submit.” You will receive an email mail or a text confirming your card is activated and any discounts have been applied to your account. Activate Your Sears MasterCard in 5 Easy Steps!


Ques 1: I can’t find my Sears card online. How can I activate it?

Ans: First, check your spam folder because the activation email may have gone there by mistake. Double-check you’ve typed in all of your information correctly. Add “*” to your contacts so that you know future emails will be from Sears and not a phishing scam. Make sure you’ve selected “Activate Card” when you are prompted instead of creating a new account altogether. If none of these seem to work, call the number on the back of your card for assistance.

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Ques 2: I got an email saying my Sears MasterCard is activated, but when I logged into my account, it said the card didn’t exist.

Ans: Your must be in a pending status for you to activate it online. The emailemail is simply a confirmation that your new credit card has been received and processed by Citi Retail Services. You will see your real credit card number when you log in to pay your bill or make a purchase at Sears or

Ques 3: How do I add discounts to my account?

Ans: Any discounts you have with your Sears MasterCard can be applied during the activation process. After the activation process is complete, log into your account from, then click “Shop Your Way” on the top of the page. Scroll down to “Discounts & Rewards” to see which discounts you have available.

Ques 4: I forgot my password for How can I log in?

Ans: Click on the “Forgot your Password?” link when you are prompted to log in, then simply answer a few questions to retrieve your information. If you need further assistance, call the number on the back of your Sears Mastercard or visit the FAQ section of the website.

Ques 5: Can I use my Sears MasterCard at other stores besides just Sears?

Ans: Yes, all purchases made with your Sears MasterCard count towards any rewards promotion you have going on with Sears. You can also utilize this card at other department stores like Kmart or even online stores like

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