Budgeting 101

If you’ve never created a household budget, or your current budget is due for an overhaul, now is the perfect time to start. Take the first step by browsing our suite of Budget Calculators. You'll find it full of practical, yet comprehensive, tools that will help you identify how much you're spending, how much you should set aside for emergencies, what it's worth to reduce your spending, and so much more.

First Midwest Budget Calculators

How much am I spending?

How much will it cost to raise a child?

Should my spouse work too?

What's it worth to reduce my spending?

How much should I set aside for emergencies?

Should I pay off debt or invest in savings?

What will it take to pay off my balance?

Beyond help you build a smarter budget, we have lots of of other calculators that can help you make the right decisions on auto, mortgage and home loans, plan for college and retirement, build a personal savings plan, and even help you get a better handle on financial decisons in your small business.
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We also invite you to download and complete our Personal Budget Kit to help you get a clear picture of your household income and expenses.

Personal Budget Kit Personal Budget Kit

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Then stop in – or call us – and discuss your budget with a First Midwest Banker, who will help you find the right solutions for your financial situation.

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