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Horizon Gold Card Activation – limit can be a great thing, but before you get too excited, it’s important to take the time to activate your card and check your balance. You wouldn’t want any surprise fees or debt stacking up before you know it.

Horizon Gold Card Activation

Horizon Gold Card Activation

To help keep your credit utilization down, here are the steps you need to activate. Though I would love to have a credit limit that was much higher than what I currently have,

sometimes it’s nice not to have an active account so creditors cannot use my info for suspicious activity – which is why I also like knowing how many times my info has been used by other parties.

Regardless of whether or not this is something you need/want as well, here are some easy ways for activating and checking the balance on Horizon Outlets.

How to Activate Your Horizon Outlet Card

Step 1: Log in to Horizon Outlet.com

Step 2: Click on the “Cardholder” tab

Step 3: Click on “Check Balance”

Step 4: Enter “Card Number” and “Expiration Date”

How to Check Your Balance

Step 1: Log in to Horizon Outlet.com

Step 2: Click on the “Cardholder” tab

Step 3: Click on “Check Balance”

Step 4: Enter “Card Number” and “Expiration Date”

Step 5: Click on “Continue to Check Balance via Secure Message”

Step 6: Enter “Card Security Code” and click on “Process Balance Inquiry”

Step 7: View your current balance. If it is correct, click on “Yes” to close the message.

What Are the Benefits of Horizon Outlet Cards?

  • Build credit
  • 24-hour access to your account
  • Manage all of your accounts in one place
  • Check your balance and recent transactions whenever you want
  • Pay bills from the account
  • Receive alerts when your available credit drops below a certain amount
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Things to Remember When Using a Horizon Outlet Card

  • The maximum credit limit is $250.00 per account
  • The minimum payment is due by the 25th of every month
  • Payment must be submitted electronically to Horizon Outlet.com
  • There is a $3 fee for each check issued from your account on a monthly basis
  • If you don’t keep the minimum balance in your account, there is a maintenance fee that costs $5 per month
  • Making payments online is safe and encrypted.

Horizon Card’s Usability and Benefits

  • You can check your available balance and the last five transactions made on your card for free
  • You can pay your bills with one click inside of Horizon Outlet’s website
  • There are no fees or overdraft charges. In case the payment is not accepted by the issuer, you will not be charged any fees.


The Horizon Outlet is a great card to have by your side, but it’s always best to be aware of what you are signing up for, so here are all of the information you could need when getting started. There are no surprise fees with this horizon gold card activation, just an easy way to manage multiple accounts in one place, so get started by checking out Horizon Outlet today.


Ques 1: How much is the interest rate?

Ans 1: The interest rates vary depending on your creditworthiness. Once you’ve activated your card, log in to Horizon Outlet’s website and click the “Cardholder” tab to see the exact APR for your account.

Ques 2: How can I avoid paying a late fee?

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Ans 2: You should always pay at least a portion of the total amount due by the payment due date because there is no grace period with this card. If you have any problems making a payment on time, call customer service immediately so they can see what options are available to you as soon as possible.

Ques 3: Are there other fees that might come up if I’m not careful?

Ans 3: The only fees you might encounter are for check issuance, but they will also give you 25 checks at no cost when you first activate your card.

Ques 4: What types of purchases can I make with this card?

Ans 4: With the horizon gold card activation, you cannot use it for cash advances or purchase money orders. You can only use the card to make purchases in places that accept credit cards.

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