Santander Card Activation –

Santander Card Activation – are cards offered by the Spanish Santander Bank. It is a Santander activate card with which you can make online purchases, withdraw cash at an ATM or pay for goods in stores. The card also offers security to its holders since it has safety measures like EMV chip technology. This article will guide you through the steps of how to activate your Santander Card.

Santander Card Activation

Santander Card Activation

Santander Card Activation –

Step1: Find the letter that came with your card.

Step2: Follow the link it provides to activate your card.

Step3: Fill in all the details required, then click ‘Submit.’ You will receive an email soon confirming that you have successfully activated your card.

Step 4: You can now use your card and enjoy its benefits.

Activation Santander Card Via Online

Step 1: This is a simple method that is very easy. This online card activation is for when you have received your Santander bank card in the mail.

Step 2: You have to go to the website of the company, where you can check your Santander account. For this, enter

Step 3: Once inside, look to the right part of the screen, where you can see a column with different buttons to manage your account. Click on ‘Contact us.’

Step 4: A new page will appear, so now click on ‘Santander activate card.’

Step 5: You are now in front of a form that requests all information about how to activate your Santander card. Where it says ‘Card number,’ you have to fill in all the numbers on your credit card without any hyphens.

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Step 6: Where it asks for the expiration date, that is how many months will be left until you must renew your credit card. If there are no more months, you risk losing the full amount of money stored in your account.

Step 7: Under ‘CVV,’ which is the code on the back of your credit card, you must write the three digits that are on the signature strip on the back of your card.

Step 8: Finally, you must fill in your date of birth and how to identify yourself. There are three options:

Activation Santander Card Through Santander Card Customer Care Service

  • Call the number that is located on your card.
  • Go to a branch of Santander and ask for assistance from one of their colleagues.
  • Call the Santander contact telephone number.
  • You can do this by dialing: 902 020 100
  • When you call, you will need the card number and the CVC number.
  • You will get help from a customer service representative.
  • If you call the toll-free number, then it is only available in Spain.


Ques 1: What do I do if I need to activate my Santander card but the number is lost?

Ans 1: If you want to, you can contact your branch and ask for help. You will also be able to activate it online at or through Santander’s customer service (902 020 100).

Ques 2: How do I activate a Santander card if the bank has changed?

Ans 2: If you have already activated your credit card before changing banks, then nothing changes. In case you haven’t started using it yet, go ahead and follow the steps previously stated in this article. It will not take more than 10 minutes to be at home or work.

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Ques 3: How do I know if my Santander Credit Card is Active?

Ans 3: To check, try to make a purchase online. If it does not work, then your card is probably inactive. You can also go to the branch of Santander or call their hotline (902 020 100) for help.

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